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Looking For Way to Love and Light

Forest Sunrise

I felt lost for a long time.  There was so much fear within.  Because of it, I dared not to make a move toward light.  I felt like everything is falling on me super heavily. Felt hopeless, but recently I just decided to do what I wanted to do. By doing meditation and other spiritual practices, I hope this will bring towards light.  Even though not sure where things are at or things are still not so great.  I just have to go for it and see, like someone said, not too attached to the outcome.  Just do thing in the present moment and let it be.  I felt lighter, able to catch myself in the low state and go against it.  But part of it tells me there’s the truth I’m not handling correctly… something is not right but this is somehow connected to fear and pride.  I wish God can shed some light on me, clear up my misunderstandings so I can do the right thing for everyone.  I don’t want to go against love as I definitely want to fight for it.


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