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Before finding spirituality, life was just like anyone else, school, work, eat, etc.  Yet I wasn’t completely happy.  I felt something was missing in life.  I had this feeling that I need to look for something.  It was like a missing piece of the puzzle.  And ever since I was little, I always wondered and asked where we come from, whey we are here and how we came into existence.  Yet, I was not able to find the answers.  Once a while, I’d go to the bookstore and just read through new age spiritual books.  Although seemed interesting, nothing stood out.  But for some reason, I always went to that section of the store whenever I went there.

I got married and had kids and I became busy but something was still missing.  I had everything a girl asked for, a loving husband, nice house, kids, great group of friends, but internally, that piece of the puzzle was still missing.   So I got into depression, not knowing what it was.  I just wanted to be happy yet I didn’t know how.  I kept asking “there must be more to life than living like this” every day.  Until one day a magazine came and on the table I saw an angel on the magazine.  It somehow hit me and something felt like “wow…..”  I then started looking into angels, reading spiritual information.  As gullible as I was, I immediately believed they existed and that they watched over us and guided us and protected us.  I started to pray to them.

When I was 11-20, due to seeing the Bible stories on TV a lot.  I started praying to Jesus, talking to him every night.  After college, I dated this guy whom I wasn’t sure if I want to really date him since he was the flashy type and I wasn’t.  One the day he gave me some lilies, I prayed to God to show me if I should give him a chance.  I was shown the lilies he gave me, how beautiful it bloomed.  I then immediately woke up and it was the exact bloom saw in my dream.  So I gave it a try.  It turned out we were very compatible with each other and got married.  That was my first sign of God’s guidance.

Another time was when I got married, we rent this hotel.  I believed the rooms we wanted to rent was not possible.  Somehow a woman by the name of Sophia(name on her tag) showed up at the front desk that day as I went to ask again.  She was smiling the whole way.  Whatever I asked, she happily set it up for me.  The next day when checked in, another person at the front desk saying that how I got what I got.  I told him a woman by the name of Sophia helped me.  He then went to look up and there was no such person by that name that worked there.  This is my second miracles.  I believed God was helping to make my wedding going smoothly.

Now I believe God exist and there is a purpose for us in life.  I believe in that UFO is real and that life exist on other planets since the Universe is endless.

I also like to read other’s spiritual experiences.  One of my favorite sites is belsebuub.com. The info on his site is so new and whenever I read something, it feel so right that I want to learn more.


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